Smart home systems are the concept of a modern home and lifestyle in it.

Control every segment of your home from anywhere on the Earth with the help of a phone.

A house with this kind of system becomes smart because it adapts to the current activity, habits and lifestyle of houshold members while achieving energy savings.


It saves energy (up to 30%)

It is easy to control (phone application, voice systems, GSM networks)

Watch and control your home at any time from any place on the Earth

Optimum in terms of price and utility


Systems are installed on an already existing electrical installation. Smart devices work on the principle of WI-FI control through cloud system, control is done by using the application on your phone or tablet.


Support for our customers is available 24 hours 7 day's in the week (24/7 during the week) and our team is always ready to do a complete hardware & software service. The warranty lasts for one year.


You can control your smart devices and systems in many ways. Control can take place through the application, voice systems (Google Echo, Amazon Alexa) or via GSM network (call), all depending on the client's request and desire.


Raise the level of security in your home to a higher level.

When you get out of your home, do you constantly think that you forgot to turn off some of your electrical devices?
By installing our systems you can forget about worries and control all your devices from any remote location.



Easy to use everyday.

Device control is done using a simple and interactive application on your phone or tablet.


You can manage every segment of your household at any time.

Do you want to turn on heating, water heater, lighting or some other electrical device befor you come to your home ?
Don't worry, from now on, you can do all of this things using just your phone.


Saving energy.

By integrating smart systems into your living or business space you will save much more than you think.
Savings on monthly base can go up to 30%. In addition to saving on your monthly bills, you are also saveing your precious time.


Prices adapted to our market.

Are devices and smart home systems expensive?
No, they are not. The prices of service and devices are adjusted to the living standard in BiH, besides, by modifying the service package based on client needs and budget we can find several conceptual solutions at different price levels.


Vision of SEE Smart

Promote and bring closer benefits of modern lifestyle to the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina and enable our customers a quality, fast and secure way of controlling and managing the electrical appliances, thus becoming a recognizable brand on the BH market.


Mission of SEE Smart

We want to introduce new technologies related to the management, supervision and control of electrical appliances in residential, business or any other facilities to the BH market. SEE Smart provides professional services for the installation, servicing and support of smart systems for your facilities. A high standard of quality of devices, easy installation and control our systems will enable you to control all the desired electrical devices from anywhere on the planet with the help of just your phone or tablet.


SEE Smart

SEE Smart d.o.o. is a company whose HQ is located in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

SEE Smart is engaged in the import, distribution, installation and maintenance of devices and systems for smart homes.

Encouraged by the idea of a modern lifestyle, the opportunities and savings that are provided by systems and appliances that are embedded in all types of residential and commercial buildings in developed countries of the world, we decided to bring this way of life closer to the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

What makes SEE Smart different is accessibility, which involves the creation of a service package in accordance with the client's needs and capabilities.

Installation and maintenance

Guarantee for works

Affordable prices

A modern way of life

The ability to create a service package

Installation in all types of buildings

You have a query ?

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Video presentation



Montage and installation of the system

Installation of devices and complete systems is done on an already existing electrical installation and can be done in many ways, all depending on the client's wishes and requirements.

Each client is accessed individually, and on the basis of his needs are offered the most optimal solutions.

What can I control with my phone? Only some of the things you can control are:

     • Heating
     • Lighting
     • Sockets
     • Boiler
     • Garage door
     • Alarm systems
     • IP video surveillance

And every other device you want to control.

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Method of operation and functioning of the system.

Devices and entire systems work with the WI-FI signal and control is done through cloud service of aplication; in case of a WI-FI network failure, each device can be operated manually.

The use of the application, control of devices and the entire system is very simple, so that no technical and IT knowledge or special training is required to use them. Does the app offer some more options besides the listed ones and can the controls be shared with the household members ?

Yes, you can share control of all devices integrated into your home with your household members. In addition to standard controls within the application, you can make so-called "smart scenes".

You are coming in front of the your house and with one click you are activating "I am home" scene, the system turns on certain outdoor and indoor lighting, opens the garage door and starts heating in the house.

     • Easy to use
     • Free application
     • Voice control
     • Smart scenes
     • Remote control

+387 62 487 057